1. Ohh & then I made my fav walnut nana bread.

  2. I love cooking for people but today the only person I needed to make dinner for was myself. I don’t remember last time that happened. I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to create a dish entirely to my liking and play around with different flavors. I followed no recipe and catered to no ones taste but my own. How did it turn out? Amazing. I swear. Only downside is I have no clue what I did. I estimated everything but at least I know what ingredients I used. Definitely recreating this one.

    》#bulgur with veggie stir fry. I think the fresh squeezed lemon juice was key! It made the “sauce” I created soo incredibly tasty.

  3. #yoloswag #JMCWedding

  4. tryin to contain our excitement. #JMCWedding

  5. hiking/picnicking/frolicking


  6. Ohh haiii beautiful. #running

  7. homemade pretzels. so good I could cry. #myweakness #drooling

  8. my favorite ten minute lunch. mushroom heaven! sauté mushrooms in coconut oil and add garlic, yellow onion, green onion or all three! season with black pepper, salt and red pepper flakes. mush your avocado and top on some good bread (eziekiel is great!). season the avocado a bit and then top it all with your mushrooms. If you’re not a mushroom fan just top your avocado with sliced tomatoes. enjoy xx

  9. my new favorite 》banana pancakes with sautéed apples. I sauté them in coconut oil and some maple syrup. soo good + autumn-y ! Just top with squeezed lemon juice.

  10. tight spaces // #mountaingoat

  11. Minnehaha falls // #caveyoga

  12. what would Chandler Bing do // ?

    Lolita + tea tree oil bath + dark chocolate + shitty red wine =♡HELLOmeeetimeeee